about us
Ally is my very fabulous sister.  We are complete
opposites in many ways but that's what makes it
all so much fun!  She works as a nanny & has her
own daughter, Evangeline.  Ally is an amazing
baker & is never happier than when surrounded
by all the children & dogs.  She's a real life Mary
Poppins & I have no idea how she does it all...
Beading is my passion.   I love the texture of  
beads & the amazing effects they create in
different lights, I love how they can transform an
ordinary piece of fabric or give an amazing
extra dimension to a pattern.  My creative days
are mostly about purses & handbags but can
just as easily be about dresses & jewellery too...
Victoria & Ally...together we are the
'Seasonal Sisters'...our designs &
ideas are inspired by our brilliant
friendship, our completely opposite
styles & a love of cake...